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Over the years, MTA has built key industry practice in the banking and financial sector by advising local and global banking entities, development funds and micro finance institutions. MTA has acted as lender’s counsel as well as representing clients figuring in the relevant transaction as borrowers. MTA’s previous advisory roles includes:

  • Providing general Ethiopian law advice on Ethiopian banking and financial laws, loans and secured transactions.
  • Reviewing and advising on loan facility agreements, vendor financing agreements, consortium agreements and security packages.
  • Reviewing foreign guarantee agreements and standby letters of credits.
  • Conducting legal due diligence and confirming the legal standing, capacity and due authority of a borrower.
  • Advising on governing law, enforcement of foreign judgments/arbitral awards and dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • Assisting with fulfilling condition precedents and perfecting security packages.
  • Issuing legal opinion on validity and enforceability of financing transactions.

Some of MTA’s experiences in advising banking and financial institutions include:   

  • Goldman Sachs Inc, in connection with its interest in investing in the financial leasing sector.
  • Standard Chartered Bank, in connection with its potential for the provision of new products to the Ethiopian market.
  • China Export-Import Bank, in connection with holding and processing its security over the long term loan that it provided to the Ethiopian Airlines.
  • China Export-Import Bank , in connection with a financing arrangement with the Ethiopian Toll Road Enterprise for the Addis Ababa-Adama Toll Express way project.
  • China Development Bank and China Exim Bank, in connection with two separate vendor financing arrangements with Ethio-Telecom.
  • China Export-Import Bank, in connection with financing the Ethio- Djibouti railway power supply project.
  • Natixi, in connection with the assignment of debts and advising on formal and substantive requirements of Ethiopian law.
  • Citi Bank, in relation to executing its Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements within the framework of Ethiopian legal system.
  • China Development Bank, in connection with a loan facility to a Chinese company undertaking road projects in Ethiopia.
  • Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Limited (IDC), in connection with a loan facility to an Ethiopian entity and on reviewing transaction and security documents entered between the lender and borrower.
  • Ethiopian Airlines, in connection with financing a Hangar and 4-Star hotel projects.
  • Oiko-Credit, a Dutch development finance institution, in connection with its provision of a foreign guarantee to an Ethiopian micro-finance institution.
  • Dutch Development Bank (FMO), in connection with its provision of a foreign guarantee to an Ethiopian micro-finance institution


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